First Class!

This one i’m not too sure about, the costumes from what I’ve seen look silly (Magnetos Helmet looks two sizes too big), some of the make up and special effects look fake and out of place (Emma Frosts diamond skin), and a few casting choices have gotten me a tad confused (Nicholas Hoult as Beast). But with all of these worries comes hope in the form of Kick Ass director Matthew Vaughn who shows real promise as a director to make this story work. What is the story you must be asking, well let me tell you. This is an origins story for a slew of possible sequels (not a direct prequel to the original X-men trilogy) that centers on Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) and how their friendship came and went ultimately resulting in them becoming great enemies. Before the inevitable break up however they first created a school for humans with super human abilities where they gathered together a team of old favorites and newcomers alike. These “muties” include Mystique, Emma Frost, Beast and Havok as well as relatively unknown mutants Azazel (Jason Flemying) and Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) who form part of the hellfire club (another group of mutants wanting to stand in the way of Charles and his X-men). How this film will end you can probably guess but until then I can only speculate as to whether this film will fail or win.

Judge for yourself in this trailer for X-men First Class out in theaters June 2.

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