The Avenger Initiative.

With Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk already prepped for the avengers, Thor and Captain America are coming up quickly to finish off this super squad and I for one cannot wait to see what happens when these four Goliaths come together on the big screen. Iron Man started it all off with a bang as I think one of the best comic book movies so far, closely followed by The Incredible Hulk which was another extremely well made superhero flick, and then finally Iron Man 2 which was another strong direction from Jon Favreau. With a solid start like that Thor and Cap have allot to live up to but from what has been seen so far from both films they won’t disappoint.

The real challenge is going to be bringing them all together in one film, as all four characters are very different and come from very different places. But the hardest thing is going to be giving all characters a good amount of screen time, as if not done correctly some characters may be left in the wake of the more popular ones. With Joss Whedon directing I think the film will be pretty safe from anything too dire happening to what is shaping up to be one of the best marvel films ever.

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