The First Avenger.

Captain America is yet another film from the marvel studios, directed by Joe Johnston (Jumanji, The Wolfman). Set in 1942 Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a sickly underweight man that dreams of enlisting in th U.S. army to fight the Nazis in World War II but is inevitably turned away. Instead he gets the chance to take part in “Project Rebirth” which turns him into a super soldier in the same vein as The Incredible Hulk. Cap eventually ends up facing the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), Hitlers head of advanced weaponry in an attempt to foil his plans for world domination using a magical object known as the Tesseract. I’m fairly excited for this one, not overly but its there. I’m not fully convinced at director Joe Johnstons abilities as his last attempt at directing (The Wolfman) was really messy and ultimately not enjoyable. But from watching the trailers there seems to be hope for him yet. Also very excited to see Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull in action (Is his German accent going to be up to scratch). Chris Evans I think will also be solid as ol Cap even though he was a bit dubious of taking this lead role, though the before effects on Steve look a bit photo shopped i’m sure it will all come together in the end. Captain America the First Avenger will be the last marvel film before the avengers finally assemble. Out in cinemas on July 22nd.

Here is the first trailer for Captain America the First Avenger.

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