The Hobbit Has Surfaced!

I thought I might start with a popular one!

This is the first video blog from Peter Jackson himself on the set of the long overdue film The Hobbit, which puts him back into the directors chair for the prequels to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. Originally not wanting to direct both prequels (yes the hobbit is being split into two films) Peter was handed the responsibility after pans labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro stepped down due to the production delays on the film, Though Guillermo is still co writing the screen plays. The fact that Peter Jackson is back (even after the lawsuit that he filed against new line cinema)  shows that he cares allot for these films and doesn’t want them to get handed over to a director who doesn’t have the same love for the books as he so blatantly does.

Anyway, back to the this video blog we get to see the set design, costumes, make up but above all we get to see all the actors who will be playing the 13 dwarves which includes James Nesbitt (cold feet), Aidan Turner (being human) and Robert Kazinsky (Eastenders), aswell as Martin Freeman who will be playing Bilbo himself. Also returning actors Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen are featured.

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