Dark Of The Moon Robot Rundown.

Here is a rundown of the autobots and decepticons and their alt modes in Michael Bays next Transformers film Transformers Dark Of The Moon:


  1. Leadfoot, turns into a Juan Pablo Montoya #42 target car.
  2. Roadbuster, turns into a Dale Earnhardt #88 AMP Energy/National Guard car.
  3. Topspin, turns into a Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe’s/Kobalt car.
  • Wheelie (Tom Kenny), former decepticon, turns into a remote controlled car as in Revenge Of The Fallen.
  • Mercedes Benz W212, name umknown as of yet, but is said to be friends with Wheelie.


  • Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons, has once again changed vehicle modes, but this time to an earth vehicle Mack Titan 10-Wheeler tank truck.
  • Shockwave, turns into a cybertronian tank ala megatron in Revenge Of The Fallen, and will act as one of the films main villains.
  • Starscream, decepticon air leader who turns into a F-22 Raptor.
  • Soundwave, decepticon communications officer, turns into a SUV after his satellite mode in Revenge Of The Fallen.
  • Laserbeak, one of soundwaves minions, bird esque robot.
  • Superfund armoured security truck, name unknown as of yet.
  • The Dreads, group of decepticon clones, they turn into Chevrolet Suburban emergency vehicles.
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