Originality of Aliens.

With the film Cowboys & Aliens soon to be released at the cinemas, Jon Favreau shows no signs of showing off the aliens in the film anytime soon. The only glimpse so far has been in the most recent trailer where we get a quick look at an alien hand. From the looks of these alien fingers it is easy to tell that these aliens aren’t going to bring anything new to the table. As alien originality goes these days…there is none. Everyone seems to follow the same outline (Bulbous head and skeletal figure) as shown in Alien, War of the Worlds, ET, Signs, and even the new battle LA (even though these try something different by adding a mechanical element). Its not often that films venture far from these standard alien blueprints and I feel like iv’e seen it all before. So when Cowboys & Aliens finally hits the cinema on July 29th I’m hoping to see something different, though I wont hold my breath.

Alien from Battle L.A.

Xenomorph Queen

Tripod alien

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