The Wreckers.

In the upcoming film Transformers Dark Of The Moon theres a new team of autobots on the scene known as the wreckers. This group of robots consists of three stock cars wielding mini guns. The phrase “robots in disguise” doesn’t really apply to these three as the entire body of their three alt modes are a mix of cybertronian and earth vehicle (see picture below), Unless this is the weapon mode as seen in the most recent trailer featuring bumblebee in his car mode producing cannons from every orifice.

Topspin, Leadfoot and Roadbuster aka The Wreckers.

The extent to which these three are included in the story is unknown, and haven’t really been touched upon by director Michael Bay. As we hear about more and more transformers being introduced to this film I fear guys like these are just going to be cannon fodder and not have any real part in the story. Their robot modes have only been seen in the toy line so far (see below) and I cant wait to see them in all their movie glory.

The bios for these toys has recently been released, here they are;

For AUTOBOT TOPSPIN it’s all about going fast and carrying lots of weapons. He, ROADBUSTER, and LEADFOOT were master technicians on CYBERTRON. Over the years they perfected modifications on vehicles, armor, and weaponry that rival anything the DECEPTICON scientists could ever hope to produce.

ROADBUSTER might be a little rough around the edges, but he’s got it where it counts. For as long as any of them can remember, he and his partners have specialized in traveling the galaxy, kicking DECEPTICON tailpipe and taking names. To them, Earth is just another battleground.



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