Thor Review!

I’ve been looking forward to Thor since the first pictures of Chris Hemsworth were released, and after seeing this long overdue film last night i’m slightly disappointed. It’s by no means a bad film but its by no means a great one either, the acting is for the most part good and in a few cases great (Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins) but its not helped by the script which is average at best. One thing that I did love though was the sprawling scifi / ancient viking city Asguard. The scenery was amazing to behold and was one of the only uses of seeing this film in 3D as it added a few extra layers giving you a sense of depth and scope. Chris Hamsworth stars as the god of thunder Thor and does a pretty stand up job, he pulls off the accent for the most part, definitely looks the part but when the character Thor softens up near the end he looses some of his sparkle. Tom Hiddleston though is the standout for me, as the god of mischief Loki Tom is flawless and seems to relish being the brother / nemesis of Thor to the point of almost out shadowing Anthony Hopkins (Odin) who is also persistently good through out. Idris Elba as Heimdall was another standout character for me and you could really believe that he could defend the rainbow bridge from any enemy who sought to conquer Asguard.  The first 30 minutes of this film was by far its best as you get one of the films best action sequences featuring plenty of frost giants getting their skulls smashed in. Speaking of the frost giants these guys are twice the size of a human, covered in blue skin and can create weapons from ice, they are seriously well done and carry a foreboding aura around into any scene they are present. The big downfall for me though was most of the earth scenes which were dull and boring compared to the scenes in Asguard,  and the earth characters suffered from a bad script as well as having no interesting scenes. Especially Natalie Portman as Jane Foster who after her oscar worthy performance in Black Swan bored me to distraction in Thor. The god characters such as Thor, Sith, Hogan etc fitted in so well into Asguard and you could really believe thats where they lived, but as soon as they stepped foot on earth their armor looked out of place, and their interactions with the locals (especially Thors) just didn’t work for me and made for uncomfortable viewing. The Destroyer though was one of earths saving graces (The effects work on him were pretty fun to watch) though the action scene in the middle of town was pretty short lived it was well executed for the most part.

SUMMERY: Though this film has allot of shortcomings (namely the script), Kenneth Branagh  I think did the best he could in bringing this comic book character to life, with a few of the action scenes (particularly the battle of Yodenheim) coming straight out of the comic. Asguard was beautiful and the inhabitants equally so with Chris Hemsworth exuding swagger as the god of war, Anthony Hopkins owning his on-screen moments as Odin (Thors father and king of Asguard), but Tom Hiddleston as Loki was the standout for me and this film would have been half as good without him.

My Rating:-  3/5

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